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Hayden Facility


Hayden facility operates and maintains the manufacturing facility of mining diamond products and services required to assure the optimum environment for best quality products, safety, productivity and an inspiring as well as environmentally friendly workplace.

We will continue to grow on our reputation for achieving the best quality of products manufactured and customer service with our made-in-Canada product.

 Production and Quality

Production and Quality

Hayden Diamond Bit Industries is committed to providing the best quality product on time all the time. Our strength comes from working together with our customers, customizing our products with top quality materials using hi-tech engineering and utilizing advanced production techniques in order to maximize business relationships with our clients in the world's mining and exploration industry.

We are committed to comply with the requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.



Hayden engineers have expertise and experience in designing specialized bits for:

• deep hole mineral exploration

• off-shore projects

• scientific drilling programs

• quality control and technological applications

Using precision techniques to ensure that the product is designed to the customer specifications and satisfaction. Our engineers establish the objectives and criteria of the application and through synthesis, analysis, construction, testing and evaluation to design the bit. With the utilization of computer aided design (or CAD) and high speed CNC machining, Hayden is able to design and manufacture bits for upmost precision and efficiency in performance.

Our engineers continue to explore areas and methods of identifying new product opportunities and manufacturing processes to rapidly bring new products to the ever growing market.

Research and Development

Research & Development

Hayden's R&D team have strong knowledge and experience in microstructural characterization and thermal analysis of materials.

Using state of the art equipments and techniques, R&D continues to formulate and develop quality products for customer satisfaction.



Hayden products are manufactured using high quality raw materials that are adaptable to the various drilling requirements for optimum drilling performance and long lasting bit life.

Our raw materials inspection is a vital step in our process, helping to ensure our suppliers are meeting specifications at all time. All approved raw materials has gone through a series of testing by our qualified personnel.

 Sales and Customer Service

Sales and Customer Service

Customer Service is our #1 priority and HAYDEN ensures our product arrives when and where it is needed. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and customer assistance.

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