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A young and dynamic company founded in 2001. HAYDEN Diamond Bit Industries Ltd. specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of diamond coring bits and other diamond products for the world's mining and exploration industry. Hayden impregnated diamond bits are manufactured using high quality raw materials that are adaptable to the various drilling requirements for optimum drilling performance and long lasting bit life.

The personnel's 40 years experience in the mining and drilling industry, combined with a strong commitment to quality assurance, on-going research and development has earned HAYDEN a place at the forefront of drill bit technology worldwide.

Using sophisticated, state of the art furnacing techniques and experts in powder metallurgy, has enabled HAYDEN to manufacture a broad range of matrices to achieve the best possible bonds for every day drilling demands.

HAYDEN has a continuing commitment to Research and Development. We are constantly striving to improve our products and test new matrices and innovative technology. Quality control is our assurance of consistent products and is of paramount importance to our manufacturing facility. With every step of the manufacturing process done in-house including quality control, Hayden has garnered a reputation for great reliability and customer's service with its made-in-Canada product.

Customer service is our #1 priority and HAYDEN ensures the product arrives when and where it is needed.

HAYDEN's manufacturing plant and Head Office is in Vancouver, British Columbia. Sales offices are in Canada and United States with agents in Eastern Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia, Russia, South Africa including North and South America

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